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The domain is hereby offered for sale. All reasonable offers will be considered. If you purchase through then Epik will provide escrow at our expense. Payment plan and lease options are available.

What factors should you consider in choosing your domain? In our opinion your domain should be:

1) easy to read - i.e. on a billboard, where people will only see it briefly;
2) easy to remember - the most important thing;
3) easy to spell - especially if you want international visitors;
4) easy to type - not too long; and
5) easy to communicate verbally - with no explanation needed.

These factors are not only important so that people visit your website, but they are also important so people can easily send you email. If someone mistakenly emails the wrong address you may have just lost a lifelong customer. A simple email address which promotes your domain, like or, is best.

A great domain is also direct and relevant, creating interest and imparting a sense of authority and prestige. People should want to click on your domain FIRST when they see it in a list of websites. For example, if someone has searched on "Las Vegas real estate" and you're at, they'll likely visit your site before going to or, even if those links appear above yours on the page.

A great domain attracts traffic to a website through 1) enhanced response to advertising, links and word-of-mouth marketing; 2) more frequent direct navigation visits; and 3) SEO friendliness (if there's a relevant keyword). It helps to keep a business running smoothly, without customer confusion. Building a great website on a substandard domain is like building a mansion on a swamp!

Great domains are valuable. That's why there's a thriving aftermarket in which the best domains sell for high amounts. See

As Confucius said, "Don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish with your domain!"

For domain consulting or related services write jon{at}

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"If you allocate 10% of your advertising budget towards memorable and/or traffic-producing domain names, you will achieve 10 times the results for your advertising."

-- Joe Alagna of, at

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